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*Pricing is customized, different size/price options will be sent to you after details about the custom portrait are discussed. If you're unsure about how many or anything else, feel free to just send an email directly to Please note you can do more than 7 matchbooks, to select that option just scroll down more within the "Amount of Matchbooks" section.


A lovely reminder of your favorite spot(s) - could be your first date, your go-to celebration spot, or your friends' favorite dive.  Looks great with a solo matchbook, or a whole page of them!

Matchbook Painting

  • I work off of pictures, so the better the picture - the better the painting!  Please send along any images you have to (and please check spam/junk if you haven't heard back within two days).  If you don't have specific images for the matchbooks, I will design one based off of the place's signature logo/colors etc.  Once we go over the images and rough composition of the painting, we sign a contract (covering shipping/payment policies) and I get to work.  Matchbook can be designed if there isn't acutally one to work off of - for example a wedding venue, initials, a sports team, etc.

    Comes in clear plastic sleeve for protection. 

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