*Pricing is customized, invoice will be sent to you after all details about the custom portrait is received and project is discussed.


Pet portraits make for the best gift, whether it’s for a birthday, anniversary, or just to complete your interiors!  Capture your BFF and always have them around.

Pet Portraits

  • I work directly off of pictures, and typically keep the background white to keep the focus on the animal.  The better the picture you give me - the better the painting!  Please send along any images you have to hello@maryannacolemandesign.com (and please check spam/junk if you haven't heard back from me within two days).  I can help you figure out which will work best compositionally and with my painting style.  When getting pictures, keep in mind the angle, lighting/shadows, and that it’s not too blurry or pixelated.  The best images are taken during the daytime when it’s well lit!  Once I receive the pictures and am able to work off of them, we both sign a contract (covering shipping/payment policies) and I get to work.